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    There was a commercial on TV awhile back. It invited you to text a number to an address which in turn produced a commercial for natural gas. The advertisement was paid for by the Petroleum Institute. Yes thats right the Petroleum Institute. I found that ...

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    Forced horizontal

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    I have enjoyed the installation of a horizontal loop for 25 yrs. works great and was way cheaper than drilling. It has never been in the way. My casual monitoring has shown very good temperatures both summer and winter. It is an 18” slinky on the side ...

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    Try Courtney at Midwest Geothermal Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. ------Original Message------ I am looking for a well drilling company to do 5 - 200 ft wells, with 5 - 1" x 510' U-bend loops, and grouted, in Lamy NM. I've ...

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