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North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Needs Your Help

  • 1.  North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Needs Your Help

    Posted 04-20-2016 15:11
    Edited by Erin Portman 04-20-2016 15:24

    Since the expiration of the North Carolina tax credit in 2015, many clean energy industries have been looking for ways they can continue on the path of success in the state. The NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is working with the geothermal GSHP industry to uncover that path, but they need your help! As NCSEA prepares to engage with decision-makers and work on strategies to overcome barriers and seize opportunities, they're looking to collect data on systems installed in North Carolina. With this information, NCSEA will be able to quantify the impact of geothermal GSHPs in North Carolina and show decision-makers why it's important to keep strong clean energy policies that promote development. Please contact Kacey,, at NCSEA to learn how you can help us collect data on North Carolina projects.

    The following project information is needed :

    Installation Date Installer/Developer Name Project/Facility Name Type of GSHP System Size System Cost Latitude Longitude Address 1
    Address 2 City State County Zip  

    Type of GSHP Options:
    Open loop heat pump systems and/or “pump and dump” heat pump systems
    Vertical Closed Loop Heat Pump Systems
    Horizontal Closed Loop Heat Pump Systems
    Lake loops and/or pond loop
    Commercial water source heat pump
    Other (Please provide Detail)

    NCSEA is also asking stakeholders the following questions. You can discuss these questions on the forum and I will send these to Kacey next week. 

    1. Why is it important that geothermal GSHP be considered a renewable energy resource and what opportunities would that open for the industry? For instance, would the purchase power agreement with the utility be sufficient for your customers to invest in this technology?
    2. Are there any risks associated with classifying geothermal GSHPs as a renewable resource?
    3. What Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating is comparable to what Seasonable Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating to get an incentive from utility based energy efficiency programs? Are there states in the SE that have utility based energy efficiency programs that work in the favor of geothermal GSHPs? For instance, X rebate and Y EER rating is cost effective for the utility, developer, and customer.
    4. Are there other incentive or rebates that can help fill the gap that the expiration of NC's tax credit left behind?

    Erin Portman

  • 2.  RE: North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association Needs Your Help

    Posted 04-28-2016 16:22

    A friendly reminder that your responses and project information is due to Kacey at NCSEA tomorrow. Please send his information to Kacey as soon as you can.


    Erin Portman