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MIT Climate Mitigation Solutions 2016 Contest

  • 1.  MIT Climate Mitigation Solutions 2016 Contest

    Posted 07-06-2016 09:18

    Members, you have the opportunity to vote for for a GHP project in the MIT Climate Mitigation Solutions Contest for 2016. The direct link to the proposal is, or use  To vote, you select the "VOTE for Proposal" button at the right -- requires a Facebook/Google login or create account (fully trusted site!). Voting is open until July 31. Please read the note below from Net Zero Foundation.

    Dear IGSHPA Friends,

    We think you will appreciate the latest district GHP advancement effort we filed.  This one is at MIT for 100% GHG elimination, with much of that "effectively free" with advanced GHP -

    This particular proposal's Team is Cary Smith, Ed Lohrenz, Don Penn, Carl Orio, and us under Net Zero Foundation. The Judges (there is a Judged best and Voted best) include some of the people responsible for implementing MIT's Climate Mitigation Plan, and we hope this opens the door into at least that institution. Our hope is to use this as a springboard to get all colleges and universities converted to GHP rapidly, especially all those still using steam.  

    Thank you and please give us any critical feedback -- we hope this accelerates adoption of GHP on a bigger scale.

    Kind regards,

    Rick & Judy

    Richard A. Clemenzi, PE, CGD
    Geothermal Design Center Inc.
    Certified GeoExchange Designer
    IGSHPA Trainer

    Erin Portman