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Federal Tax Credit

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    Posted 09-21-2016 08:27

    We need all to participate in this idea of getting our congress and senators to visit our job sites. There they can see, touch, and feel what we are doing to reduce energy usage while providing comfort in the buildings that we service. Please read all attachments, fill in the blanks and send to your congress and senator people. Don't be afraid to ask just remember they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do.


    This is a letter sent from Sean Dillon of Waterfurnace that had all of the attachments.


    Geothermal heat pump technology (or GeoExchange®) deserves a continuation of federal tax credit support.  This is not only because it advances carbonless heating and quiet, no-heat-island or water-wasting cooling tower use, but because other renewables with previous tax credits have been extended past 12/31/16 and we have not.

    Eventually, all renewable energy technologies will have to continue their expansion without tax incentives (unlike the fossil and nuclear industries).  But the discrepancy between the solar industry's size and deployment and our own is so stark-they have enjoyed decreasing unit costs while we still struggle for market volume to achieve the same-we should not be left out of favorable tax treatment while they and others retain it.

    With other state geo association representatives, I am working with the GeoExchange Organization to duplicate on a national basis, a legislative campaign approach that brought immediate results in the state of South Carolina.  It involves getting sitting congressional legislators to visit geothermal heat pump sites and projects.

    My request of you is to help gain congressional passage of House Resolution 5167 and Senate Bill 1755 that would add-back geothermal heat pumps to the previous December, 2016 passage of federal tax credit extensions granted to solar and other renewable technologies through 2022.
    The method is to attempt to get as many Congressmen and Senators to attend on-site tours of geothermal installations during the upcoming congressional recess (and beyond) as possible.

    I'm asking that you identify geo heat pump sites or projects underway near you where a knowledgeable person could lead a single legislator or a group.



    Mike Hadley CGD CGI

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    Posted 09-22-2016 09:11



          IGSHPA needs to get the manufacturers together on this with a petition that can be given to all installers to sign and present on this bill. I'm really surprised I'm not  hearing more out of the Reps from manufacturers on this topic. All the major manufacturers I hear no efforts from other than a little from Water Furnace. We have tried to get our state representatives involved to see the systems here in NH and show them the environmental benefits and the cost savings to fossil fuel systems with no luck or willingness to do so. Allow me to ask, what have the manufacturers done to participate in renewing the tax credits for geothermal? That's where I'm disappointed!


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    Posted 09-22-2016 14:08


    You are exactly right about the manufactures not being as involved as they should. In reality, if the manufacture only produce geothermal heat pumps and nothing else, they are the ones that will really suffer should the geothermal industry numbers go significantly down. Most of the installing contractors are probably doing other technologies and will just change their focus away from geothermal.

    I believe that the manufactures should band together and form an alliance to help with getting the Reps and Senators to our jobsites. Most of them have territory managers that can get the dealers to participate in this.

    I would like to hear from a lot of other geothermal people on this so that we can get some of the Reps and Senators to jobsites across the country!

    Michael Hadley
    Climate Control Heating & Cooling Co., Inc.
    Jacksonville NC