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Volunteer Opportunity-SBIR/STTR Reviewers

  • 1.  Volunteer Opportunity-SBIR/STTR Reviewers

    Posted 01-09-2017 16:36
    Edited by Erin Portman 01-11-2017 13:06

    DOE is looking for a few volunteers to review proposals received under its Small Business Innovative Research GHP Topic. Proposals will focus on the development and commercialization of innovations that will reduce the cost and/or improve performance of GHP systems' ground loops. Only those who have not applied for an SBIR opportunity and who do not have a conflict-of-interest should contact Arlene Anderson at if interested in serving on the proposal review committee.

    Update-Please note the original Connect information had an error and should not have included the words “Thermal Task Force”. The DOE request is simply for independent SBIR reviewers, the words Thermal Task Force were carried over from a prior email. There is not an associated task force.

    Thank you to those who have already responded to the DOE's request.

    Erin Portman

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    Posted 01-10-2017 08:40
    I do believe I could be helpful. What do you need me to present as projects that are in place.

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    Posted 01-11-2017 13:08

    Hi Dale,

    Please email Arlene at about your interest!


    Erin Portman