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Doing Business in California - I cry "Uncle"

  • 1.  Doing Business in California - I cry "Uncle"

    Posted 05-02-2018 07:08
    In California, engineers are not allowed to show Title 24 energy compliance (similar to ASHRAE 90.1) on their own projects unless they are a CEPE which is a certification anyone can get to provide this documentation to the California Energy Commission.  A PE stamp is null and void when it comes to energy.  So yesterday I was told by the architect on my project that a Title 24 consultant informed her that geothermal doesn't work in California because of some of our more temperate climates/it doesn't pencil out, it is expensive to install, and the software and certification process doesn't know how to deal with it.  In fact, he was so confident with his position (relative to Title 24) that he was willing to pay the architect $400 to prove this point.  This was the second 'opinion' to the first round of input provided by a big name Title 24 consultant in San Francisco who told me that my project didn't comply.  Here's the design:  one heat pump for a radiant system, no air conditioning, one heat pump for a domestic hot water system with 2-tanks.  The first consultant would not allow me to use a water heater (2nd tank) to comply with Title 24 - they said since it was used as a back-up or 'boost' for the domestic hot water system they had to use that component of the system to show compliance which as you all know is 1:1 on energy not 4 or 5:1 on the heat pump.   California's energy efficiency standards favor gas and this example is a very good example of that.  I cry 'uncle' - I am battle fatigued.

    Lisa Meline

    Meline Engineering Corp.
    Sacramento CA