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What do we call it?

  • 1.  What do we call it?

    Posted 06-05-2017 08:41

    As a point of information, I want to share with you the definitions under the 2016 ANSI/CSA C448.0-16  (Bi-national Standard) Design and installation of ground source heat pump systems for commercial and residential buildings.  The technical committee spent many, many hours working together to address all stakeholder's comments and concerns.


    Ground heat exchanger, vertical loop ground heat exchanger, horizontal loop ground heat exchanger, submerged heat exchanger - a continuous, sealed, underground heat exchanger consisting of a closed-loop through which a heat-transfer fluid passes to and returns from a heat pump or manifold.

    Note: Ground heat exchangers may be vertically or horizontally configured or submerged in surface water


    Ground loop heat pump (GLHP) - a ground source heat pump system connected to a closed-loop system.

    Note: Other terms used in the industry include "ground source heat pump system", "geothermal heat pump", "geoexchange", "ground coupled heat pump", and "water source heat pump".



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    Posted 06-05-2017 13:45
    Unfortunately, C448 left in place the term "loop well" while citing is as a duplicate: (bold added)
    Loop well - the drilling of the vertical borehole, placement of the loop piping to the bottom of the vertical borehole with the grout tremie, and grouting of the vertical borehole from the bottom of the vertical borehole to the earth's surface at the drill site.
    Note: The term "loop well" is the same as the term "vertical ground heat exchanger", and the same as the term "vertical borehole heat exchanger."

    Let me strongly suggest that we fully excise that term from C448 in the next edition -- we surely don't need a term which cause regulatory problems, especially when we have already cited that term as a duplicate.

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    Posted 06-06-2017 08:21
    If we are going to (finally) tackle the age-old nomenclature issues as an industry, should we go so far as to eliminate the word "loop" also?  Is a concentric heat exchanger a "loop?"  Maybe functionally.  Why not use "heat exchanger" and not have to address this again as new technologies are adopted that differ in configuration from the original unicoils, ubend assemblies, etc?

    John Turley

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