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Natural Gas "Its a gas, yea its really been a gas"

  • 1.  Natural Gas "Its a gas, yea its really been a gas"

    Posted 10-31-2019 10:57
    Edited by Pete Prydybasz 10-31-2019 11:13
    There was a commercial on TV awhile back. It invited you to text a number to an address which in turn produced a commercial for natural gas. The advertisement was paid for by the Petroleum Institute. Yes thats right the Petroleum Institute. I found that to be a little disturbing seeing a competetitor, the Petroleum Institute selling the virtues of natural gas. hmmmm It was an amazing spin of how NG is actually cleaning the air by not putting as much carbon in the atmosphere as burning all the previous fossil fuels...HA... I think this was last winter when I saw it. Now this week I recieved the letter below...
    This survey was the intro letter... make sure you click below on whatever answer you believe 

    Natural Gas is the Answer   

    Dear Peter,

    As we approach the 2020 election, politicians are asking questions about America’s energy future and the environment.

    Energy Citizens know the answer is natural gas.

    • Why is America energy independent for the first time? Natural gas.
    • What makes renewables like wind and solar possible? Natural gas.
    • What industry has transformed our economy through unprecedented innovation? Natural gas.

    Energy Citizens have been working for more than a decade to support and advocate for the promise of natural gas. The progress is clear, but our work is not done. 

    Politicians will keep asking questions. Make sure they hear that natural gas is the answer. 

    • Make sure you know the facts. (We can help!)
    • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues. (We can help with that, too!)
    • Stay involved with Energy Citizens – we can even connect you with local legislators.

    You’ll be hearing a lot from us in the next several weeks – and we want to know what matters to you. 

    Start by telling us what you think. 


    Natural gas is America’s answer to meeting energy demand and leading the world on environmental progress                                                    

    What do you think????

    I will continue to send the updates they send me on their campaign.

    Blows my mind. Aint true I tell ya, Aint true!
    Dont you love mind control??

    Pete Prydybasz

    PSP Consulting
    Mohnton PA