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Garen N. Ewbank
Ewbank Geo Testing, L.L.C.
121 E. Broadway, Suite 401
Fairview, OK 73737

Garen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University.

Garen is a Lifetime Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD), Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), Certified Business Energy Professional, (CBEP), and a Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP) with the AEE. Garen has served as a state officer with the AEE.

Garen is a full Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Garen is an accredited installer and a Trainer (in all disciplines) with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Garen is a member of the IGSHPA Training and Marketing/Membership committees and past advisory council board member. Also, he is active on the Training and Marketing/Membership committees; and sub-committees of the Certified GeoExchange Designer, (CDG) and Vertical Loop Installers (Drillers). Garen is a Trainer for IGSHPA with the Vertical Drillers, Installers, and Certified GeoExchange Designer programs.

Garen is licensed to drill water wells and ground source boreholes. Garen has extensive HVAC/R, ground source drilling and installation, wireless systems and project management experience.

Garen is the managing member of Ewbank Geo Testing, L.L.C. (DBA Ewbank and Associates), and Geo Exchange Offsets, L.L.C. Garen does and has served on numerous association, industry, commercial and non-profit boards. Garen has testified as an industry expert to the United States Congress. Garen is a contributing writer for resources which publishes internationally.