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Climate Control Heating & Cooling Co., Inc.

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Climate Control Heating & Cooling Co., Inc.


1980-Started Climate Control Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. and installed open loop geothermal systems
1994-Installed first closed loop system using a Waterfurnace ATV045 Geothermal Heat Pump
1996- Joined IGSHPA and acquired Installer Accreditation
2000- Awarded Certified GeoExchange Designer Certification from AEE/IGSHPA
2005- Became an IGSHPA Accredited Trainer
2015- Attended IGSHPA Geothermal Inspector Course
1980-2016- Have been involved with the installation of 1,000’s of Geothermal Systems in Eastern North and South Carolina
I have owned and operated a Heating & Air Conditioning Company since 1980 and have been installing Geothermal Systems since the beginning. In 1996 we purchased our first drill rig for the sole purpose of installing geothermal vertical loops. Since then we have installed 1,000’s of vertical loops for our projects and for other HVAC Contractors projects. We have installed loop systems for residential, commercial, government, and institutional projects from 2-ton capacity to 160 ton capacity.
I have been involved in Commercial Geothermal Loop designs by performing Thermal Conductivity Tests and working with Professional Engineers with the field header designs. I have also spent many weeks in the “ditches” installing and fusing the PE piping for the loop fields. I am responsible for the entire bid pricing and material purchasing to include the piping, fittings, grout, sand, and Valve Vaults.