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Geothermal National & International Initiative


Mr. DiEnna, the Executive Director & Founder of the Geothermal National & International Initiative (GEO-NII) is a business development and marketing professional with over forty years combined experience in the electric utility industry and the renewable energy industry. He is a nationally recognized authority on all aspects of renewable technology and specifically geothermal heat pumps (GHP), including marketing, creative financing, and the resulting positive economic and environmental impact that can be derived from the use of geothermal heat pump systems and other renewable technologies.. His expertise is internationally acknowledged as a valued resource by not only the renewable & geothermal heat pump industry but also by government officials, both national and international, trade allies, and all major market segment associations in the promotion of geothermal heat pump technology.

Mr. DiEnna is on the Board of Directors of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and previously was the Chairman of the Marketing Committee for over 25 years. He was the driving force in the creation and development of the Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD) certification, a training program for design professionals in GHP Technology, which has become the gold standard both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Dienna was recently appointed to the US Department of Energy’s Visionary team, to provide recommendations and review the strategic vision of the project whose purpose is to analyze the potential for geothermal energy, including geothermal heat pump applications across multiple market sectors.

He is also a member of the American/Canadian Bi National GHP Standards Committee and he is also a founding member of the New York Geo Association.

Mr. DiEnna, is the originator of the “Road to 30%”, a program designed to increase the GHP industry to a 30% share of the HVAC market. Mr. DiEnna is involved in approximately 30% of all commercial geothermal heat pump projects in the North America and consults to numerous companies and trade associations. His vision is to eliminate the “first cost” barrier, of GHP technology, through participation by Utilities and other third party owners of the ground loop heat exchanger.